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Spirit Animal Totems

What is your Spirit Animal Totem you may ask......your Spirit Animal Totem is made up of an animal or animals that you connect with on a much deeper level. Have you noticed how you resonate with certain animals more than others? How they act in nature is a reflection of how we behave as well. Also they may appear to give you spiritual messages. For example, notice how if you connect with the Hawk, you just happen to look up at the sky and you see one circling around. That is the message to you that they are there for you, paying attention to what is going on in your life and always with you. It can also confirm something you may have been thinking about.

You may already know the animal that you connect with or this may be the first time you have heard of this. Take some time to just relax and think about those animals you find a connection to, then look up their spiritual meaning to see how you bond together.

Who is your Spirit Animal?

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