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"I would recommend seeing Elaine to anyone.  She not only has been spot on with her readings, but she is incredibly genuine.  She's delivered heartfelt messages from people that I've missed so much and helped ease some of my heartache in the process.  She definitely has a special gift and I think having a session with Elaine would be a positive  experience for anyone looking to have a reading done." 

- E McNeil  

"I deeply wanted to believe in the afterlife and getting messages from loved ones who has passed but never did anything about it to be a true believer.  I was at work one day and Elaine approached  me on a separate matter and through talking she started to ask questions about things I didn't know why she was asking .  Before I knew it she was telling me about my Mother who passed, unbeknown to Elaine, as well as other things and people.  I had no previous knowledge of Elaine's ability prior to this meeting and through our meeting she has made me a true believer!  She has a deep commitment to help people as well as a kind, caring soul."

 -D Guiliani 

"Elaine has the incredible ability to provide insight into life's experiences with both compassion and clarity.  I have found that after speaking with Elaine as well as experiencing her ability to heal with her hands, I feel grounded and calm.  Elaine is a special person with an open heart, a healing touch and a clear connection who shares guidance and provides comfort while navigating life's experiences:

- M Silva 

"Elaine has truly been blessed with a very special gift.  I have several autoimmune disorders, but one in particular was not responding to any medication.  Frustrated with all the money I had been wasting on medication and doctors, in addition to not feeling well, I decided to  see Elaine for a Reiki treatment.  I have to admit  I am a very skeptical person but I went with an open mind.  To my pleasant surprise, I saw immediate results after only one treatment!  Also Elaine took me by surprise when she reached out to me at a time when a very dear aunt of mine was close to passing.  Elaine had visions  of where  my aunt was in the house, and what she was wearing (even the pattern) before she passed.  This was something that I knew but had not share with Elaine or anyone for that matter.  Elaine absolutely is the real deal, and I am now a true believer!"

- C Branscombe


"I had to have  knee surgery due to severe cartilage damage in June 2017.  A large part of the cartilage was crushed and the surgeon thought there was a little chance of getting 100% better,  but it was worth a try.  The first four weeks I had to use crutches, with no weight on the knee/leg and eventually the training could start.  I had a lot of pain and walking the stairs was impossible.  Then I came in contact with Elaine on Facebook and I read about her on her website.  For some reason I immediately trusted her and chose to try Reiki distance healing.  This was the only option for me since I live on the other side of the world from her!  We agreed on a time, and she gave me instructions; as agreed upon I laid down on the couch for 15 minutes and concentrated on receiving energy and then rest for 10 minutes after.  I thought ok, lets see if this works.  After a few minutes I noticed  warmth that started around my hips .  Then the heat went down my legs.  After exactly 15 minutes the heat disappeared.  The pain that I  had in my knee just from lying on the couch without straining my knee had disappeared during the session.  First I thought, ok this is just my imagination going wild but the next day I felt an improvement.  But again, I thought I would give it a few days, maybe my mind is playing with me.  After a few days, I managed to walk the stairs without any pain.  Yesterday I was back to karate training. First time since surgery!  Any yes, I have a discomfort in my knee due to the hard training yesterday but I'm walking stairs and I have no pain! I have to continue doing my exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee to improve stability, but I'm convinced  that  Elaine's Reiki distance healing has helped me.  Elaine is a genuine and loving soul.  A soul that I have never  met on Earth but feel I've known her all my life.  A soul that I will contact when needed.  I highly recommend her.  Thank you Elaine, thank you."

- S Becker, Norway

"I must take this moment to say THANK YOU!  Elaine did a reading for me and was so right on.  She has an amazing gift that is a blessing to those she shares it with.  I can't say thank you enough.  There are so many out there claiming to have a "gift" but let me say Elaine is the REAL DEAL! She is a beacon of light.

- S Klein, California

"Just had a reading with Elaine.  She was bang on with what was going on with me and connecting with my loved ones that have passed.  Elaine is a wonderful person with awesome energy!"

-  S Tetlock, Canada

"I would highly recommend Elaine to my friends and family.  She is very professional and cares about her work.  I had her do a reading with my family and she was spot on.  She sensed that my sister was having a challenging time in her personal life and delivered messages that she needed to hear.  This validated to  her that the current situation she was in was for a reason and purpose.  Elaine gave her the confidence that she needed to move forward.  Some people just have this gift within them.  We are all sent here for a purpose.  This is her purpose to deliver what people need to hear.  

Do yourself a favor and give Elaine the opportunity to help your friends and family out with messages they need.  You will not be disappointed."

- Sherry S, Wilmington, MA

"Elaine is the REAL DEAL!  After going through some challenging times with my son, her assuring nature and incredible reading regarding  this situation got me through.  But even better, EVERYTHING she said was right on the money.  She brought light where there was darkness and truth where there was doubt.  It is without hesitation that I would recommend this amazing lady to anyone seeking the answer to a troubling dilemma,  this is your go to lady! Elaine - You're the BEST!

- Stacy K, California

"Elaine is an amazing healer and bright light.  I highly encourage you to have a session with her.  She is extremely intuitive and connected to the angels.  Personally she has helped me with confidence and just overall feeling better.  I've also purchased her hand wired jewelry .  I am not a wired jewelry person, but she has a way of actually accentuating the crystal with her art. A+++++ for glad I met her <3.  Keep it up Elaine.....the world needs your Bright Light <3

-K Lally, New Hampshire

" I'm so excited since I've gotten the Rose Quartz.  I got 2 and gave one to my son, one who was struggling. OMG!  I'm not sure but his whole life has changed around.  He went from a sleeping bear to a cheetah!  He was a gamer playing all night, sleeping all day.  He invested in a bike and goes hiking!  Just can't express how much joy this gives me!  I'm blaming this all on the Rose Quartz!"

V George, New York

"Elaine's crystals and creations are top notch. I've gotten quite a few from her and the energy they are imbued with is so healing and loving."

C Coughlin, Natick, MA

"I booked a reading with Elaine that took place through private messenger, and it was above and beyond my expectations.   I liked the convenience of this method and I still felt very connected.  Her messages from my loved ones really resonated with me and were spot on, and brought me the peace and closure that I desperately needed.  Not only is she very kind and caring, but she is straight forward and genuine.  I will absolutely reconnect with her in the future and recommend her to everyone I know!"

Amy S - Nashua, NH







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