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Pure & Simple Skincare

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Rose Oil

1 fl oz bottle 


Rose body/face oil - all natural ingredients with so many benefits for your skin including nourishing dry spots, protecting skin from cell damage, reduces fines lines and wrinkles, rich in vitamin C, anti-inflammatory, softens and protects.


Body Butter/Moisturizer 1.8 oz jar


Body Butter/Moisturizer with all natural ingredients including 100% unrefined African Shea butter.  The benefits from this little jar include fighting the effects of aging, repairs rough, damaged skin, treats dark spots, stretch marks, wrinkles, reduces puffiness and under eye circles, softens skin, boosts luminosity to promote a natural, healthy glow.


Cucumber Oil - Seasonal Item

1 fl oz bottle


Cucumber oil - all natural ingredients with great benefits including calming and smoothing the skin, anti-inflammatory, boosts level of collagen and elastin, stops skins from losing moisture, protects cells from damage.  

This item is seasonal, as I only use the peels from my homegrown cucumbers.

Soul Soaps & Other things....


Soul Soaps

2 oz - $4 each

3.3 /3.5 oz - $5 each

4 0z - $8 each

Soul Soap 

Our handmade soaps - crafted with care, available when we make them!

Explore our current soap selection:

Limoncello 3.5 & 2 oz

Coconut Lime Verbena 2 oz

Mystic Swirl 3.3 oz 

Catch A Wave 3.3 oz

Watermelon 3.3 oz

Star Spangled Suds 3.5 oz

Raspberry Lemonade 3.3 oz

Ginger Lime 3.3 oz

Macintosh Apple 3.5 oz

Cedarwood & Sage Loofah 3.5 oz

Sage Spray

2 oz bottle


Our Best Seller!!!

Now you can  sage your space without  all the smoke.

With it's blend of White Sage, Lavender and Lemongrass, this blend will help with getting rid of the negativity (sage) then bringing in the calm (lavender) and then giving a "zip" back into your space with zest of the lemon.  

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