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Signs and messages from Heaven

I wanted to share an amazing experience that happened to me the other day because I want to remind you all that even though we have lost loved ones, and they do not physically walk this Earth with us anymore, they are still here with us.

I have been going through some medical tests lately trying to find an answer to some abdominal issues I have been having. One test in particular I was definitely having some anxiety about because I do not like small confined spaces. (Must have been some past life trauma I'm sure! lol) Well the morning had come of having to go to the hospital for this test, and while I was getting ready I spotted a dime on my bathroom floor that appeared out of nowhere. Now let me back up a bit here to tell you the significance of the dime. As I always say that our loved ones are always with us, showing us signs all the time; we just don't always pay attention. My Dad has been gone 18 years now, and yes it still hurts like it was yesterday. So dimes, a single red rose and cardinals are the connections I have with my Dad to let me know that he is around.

Ok so back to as I was getting ready and I see this dime on my bathroom floor. I picked it up, did my usual smile and said my thank you to him for letting me know he was around and aware of what was going on. Now usually after I do that, I would put it in my coin jar or purse, depending on where I may be when I find one. This day, however, I decided to put it in my pocket so I could "take him with me" to my test and hopefully I would feel a little less anxious about the day in front of me. So we arrive at the hospital and they are explaining what's going to happen and getting me prepped. I was definitely having my anxiety level accelerated by this, but my husband was allowed to come in with me so that helped a lot. The test is just starting and I'm a few minutes in and was doing pretty good but still felt somewhat nervous, so I put my hand up by my head where my husband was and he then reached over to hold my hand.

Now my husband is a smoker, mind you, and my Dad was as well. So when he grabbed my hand, I noticed the smell of cigarettes, but in a very different way. I have tried every which way to get my husband to quit for obvious reasons and because I cannot stand the smell! (I am a reformed smoker and we are the worst by the way! haha!) This smell however did not bother me per usual, and it was a very familiar smell that I thought to myself why isn't this bothering me and where do I know this smell from??

So for whatever reason I turned and looked up to my husband's hand that was holding mine and saw the biggest surprise ever! It was my Dad's hand and not my husband's! (Just for the record, I was not on any type of medication nor were they giving me anything except a nuclear tracer through an iv). I swear to you that I would know my Dad's hands anywhere, because just I would know the back of mine, I would know his. I held his hand in mine so many times in the 34 I was blessed to have him in my life. His hands were big and strong and got me through a lot in my life. (This type of experience with the hands is what you would call a metamorphosis).

At this point I burst into tears because I just can't believe what I just saw and the fact that he truly came with me and was right there holding my hand through my husband was the best thing ever!! I felt so blessed to have received that love from my Dad. Now my husband has no idea of what just took place and was quite concerned of my crying, thinking that something was wrong or that I was in pain. Mind you, he is quite used to things like this being married to be, and once I composed myself and could explain he thought it was just as amazing as I did.

So in closing, I just want to re-remind you that our loved ones are truly here with us. Whether it's a joyful celebration like a birthday or a wedding or when we go through hard times of emotional and physical pain and stress. Be aware of the signs they send to us, and be sure to thank them for stopping by and letting us know they are here.

By the way, I will now be adding cigarette smell to my Dad's list.

Blessings to you all.

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