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Spirit has a wonderful sense of humor!

This morning while I was driving, my mind was going a million miles an hour thinking about my business, what new things I could incorporate to share with you all and just feeling a little overwhelmed. I happened to look up and noticed a “feather” in the clouds. So I’m hoping at the next stop light I would be able to stop long enough to get a picture and share with all of you. I took about 5 and looked at them very quickly and noticed they didn’t come out that great. So I was a little disappointed but went on with my day and honestly forgetting about them until tonight.

I looked back on my phone and noticed the pictures again and was noticing how blurry they were. I couldn‘t really post any of the pictures because you really can’t make out the feather that clearly. So after trying to blow the picture up, darken it, etc. I just thought nope, this isn’t going to work for me to show everyone that when we are in our thoughts, our angels and spirit guides are around us, sending us signs of acknowledgement, and here’s another example.

Well low and behold after looking at the pictures one more time what do I see??? A huge orb smack dab on my picture!!! I was quite amused at how they got my attention one way or the other and thrilled as always receive my validation 💜

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