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Channeled Message from Archangel Michael 12/31/17

Today as we reflect on the year that was and start to focus on 2018 I asked for Archangel Michael to give us a message for starting the new year.

His message to us is YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT PATH

He would like us to know that we have learned a lot from the past year. Who we are, what we are made of, and how when we set our minds to something there is no stopping you. 2018 will be there to set the wheels in motion of what you have been putting in to place this year. It will be a year of hope and a year to truly follow your passion. The seeds have been planted and now its time to take care of this seedling so that it will manifest into something wonderful. Remember that you never walk your path alone and to always seek out the help of the angels to help guide you on your way.

May you all enjoy your day today of reflection and be proud of how far you have come from the ups and down of this current year. You are stronger than ever, be proud of your accomplishments, hold your head high entering this new year of hope and dreams coming to light.

In closing he asks us to remember to be kind to one another, to spread peace and love. For it us that can truly make a difference to one another. Make that difference one of love.

I wish you blessings into this new year.


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